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Who we are

Solutionsonsite is a boutique consultancy which specialises in closing the gap between business and IT. Think – Budget, Scope & Schedule!

What we do

Using Agile techniques we will review and assess your environment and specific issues. We formulate a clear plan of action using training and coaching on where and how you can improve! We will inspire your greatest resource, People!

How we help your business

With our help you can achieve the following:

  • Transparency into projects on a daily basis, with software being delivered every two weeks to a month.
  • Managed scope using Agile requirements to ensure no missed deadlines.
  • Projects constantly meeting budget.
  • Happy Teams working on a set cadence with no overtime.
  • Formal methodology followed throughout the organisation.
  • Development statistics daily.
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Thanks for all your input Solutionsonsite, you have made a big difference and really helped us embed Scrum in Maxxor.

– Adrian Frielinghaus, Maxxor

Is your organisation experiencing some or all of these problems?

 No visibility into your business software projects
 Teams putting in too much overtime that will result in burnout?
 No formal Software development life cycle in place?
 Projects constantly exceeding budget?
 No clear development statistics
 Projects constantly failing to meet delivery deadlines?


1. Pick a Project


2. Select a Team


3. Train in an Agile Framework like Scrum


4. Have a Clear Vision


5. Allow team to do 2 weeks of work


6. Sit back and watch the magic!


Featured Products

Scrum & Agile 101 ONE DAY WORKSHOP

    Inclusive, per person

    Level: All

    An Intro to Agile processes

    Deep dive into Scrum

    Roles & Responsibilities

    Planning & Estimation

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The Agile Business Analyst TWO DAY COURSE

    Inclusive, per person

    Level: Intermediate

    Write stories with clear acceptance criteria

    Manage multiple backlogs over multiple teams

    Structure requirements across Theme, Epic, Feature, Story

    Release plans – manage scope, budget and time

Read More & Book


    Inclusive, per person

    Level: All

    History of Agile & Lean

    Lean Techniques

    7 deadly wastes in software


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