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Creative Visual Facilitation Workshops coming to South Africa!

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Solutionsonsite and Scrum Sense are extremely excited to be bringing Benjamin Fellis from Germany over to South Africa to offer his Creative Visualisation workshops!  Definitely not to be missed!

Visual Methods | Convincing with simple visual tricks

The ability to visualize is becoming an important skill for many fields in professional work life. Known as Visual Facilitation, Visual Recording, Graphic Facilitation, Graphic Recording, Scribing or Vizthinking. It refers to the way of documenting and presenting spoken language into pictures and metaphors. These workshops serve as a first step into the exciting world of visualization –  on posters, flipcharts as well as normal sized paper.


1 day –  Visual Facilitation Foundation workshop

This workshop is a general introduction into visualization techniques, graphic facilitation and graphic recording. It is comprised of creating ideas, typography, creating own symbols, composition and how to structure and convince with your visualizations and use skills in practice!


1 day –  Visual Facilitation Advanced process workshop

Designed as an advanced course to the Creative Visualisation foundation workshop here we focus on the Visualisation of processes. These processes could be in coaching, a team-meeting, project-planning or organisational development. It contains an overview on possible process visualisations, how to prepare, tips for the practice, how to work with templates and how to use mobile elements to review processes.



  • You reduce barriers in communication and extend your presentation skills
  • You develop your own personal style of writing and drawing
  • You use visualizations  professionally  and   design your workshops, seminars, consultations and presentations more effectively and richer in variation

All  participants  receive  a  detailed  workshop  handout,  a  drawing  starter‐kit  and  a certificate   of   participation.   The   starter‐kit   consists   of   high   quality   Neuland markers  and  colored  wax  crayons.  Equipped  with  that,  you  can  start  to  visualize directly after the workshop!

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