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About us

Our Purpose is to help organisations and the teams within them transform their culture to a more successful and Agile way of work!

Why we are good at what we do

Years Experience

We have been working in the Agile space for more than 12+ years now and during this period we have had many successes with our Agile transformations usually achieved by training, mentoring, coaching, pair learning and always structured to suit each client’s landscape. Executive / management coaching often falls into this space as well.


We have worked extensively across the SDLC and have great insight into the various roles namely: Scrum master, Product Owner, Team member, Agile management. We are certified in the following:

Why we are best for you

As Agile is based around people and culture, we take time to understand these in your organisation – at all levels. We coach you through whatever Agile Framework you have decided to embark on to ensure it is embedded and a measurable success!


Sue Bramhall inspires people in the software industry to adapt and work in an Agile way to increase efficiency, value and continuous improvement. Sue has been using various Agile ways of work to achieve this, some of the more popular being Scrum, Kanban & SAFe. Besides training, coaching and evangelising Agile, Sue focuses on coaching business people at all levels both on a business and personal level. Coaching and training have always prevailed in her 20-year-plus IT career, and she has been rolling out an Agile way of work to companies for over 12+ years now.

Prior to this she has spent extensive periods focusing on Business Analysis, Managing software teams and Project management. Sue is the founding member of Solutionsonsite where all of the above services are offered and more.