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Is your organization mentally ready for Agile?

posted on February 2, 2016 / 0 Comments

Agile frameworks themselves are actually really simple to follow even to the point of learning say Scrum in 1-2 minutes – see hereSo why then does agile fail in some organizations and not in others if its so simple?You guessed it….People!  Subjectively when you read or view information on an Agile framework, you think “ah, that sounds easy and transparent, we should do that”BUTWhen trying to roll out an Agile framework in an organisation you may find some of the following arising:Requirements are lacking and not formulated properly with clear acceptance criteria – an attitude of ‘we are agile we dont need …

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For Business Analysts & product owners on Agile Projects, training can be the difference between a mediocre and a great performance on the team. Sue Bramhall, consultant and owner of Solutionsonsite, says a high number of software development projects fail due to poor and unclear business requirements. “When a company takes on a major development project, they often assign product ownership to business analysts, product owners or other similarly qualified professionals, whose core skills don’t necessarily extend to managing Agile business requirements,” says Bramhall.“In today’s fast-moving and highly cost-sensitive environment, CEOs don’t want to spend months and months developing, analysing and revising …

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Agile in Civil Engineering!

posted on September 25, 2015 / 0 Comments

It was with great excitement that my most resent Agile and Scrum 101 course was a hybrid of civil engineers and software developers, the learning’s where phenomenal! You would think in civil engineering as they have a tangible product like a bridge, a building,  a dam etc, and they know every last detail upfront that there would be no place for Agile, that this would be a strictly waterfall approach right, Wrong!They may know a lot more detail than us as software developers as it would be a little challenging to build a bridge incrementally and to keep changing the design as …

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