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Our consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities, we support you where you need it most!



Agile Analysis

Need some help implementing and rolling out Agile? We can have you up and running within one iteration!

Agile Coaching

We will support you through each of the following steps to ensure a successful Agile implementation.

  •  Select a project
  •  Select the right people
  •  Train and learn together
  •  Have a clear vision
  •  Coach team through a 2 week sprint 
  • Sit back and watch the magic!

Agile Transformation

Want to implement Agile in your organisation and not sure where to start First question is this – what problem are you trying to solve? Whilst looking at the three key layers in an organisation:

  • Portfolio – Strategy
  • Program – Planning
  • Team – Execution

We will do a proof of concept with a team/project to demonstrate to the business how successful this approach really is!

    Agile Assessments

    Not sure where your company is in it’s Agile journey? or not sure Agile is for you, why not have an Agile assessment done to provide clarity in this area.

      Coaching Executives and Managers to become Agile Leaders!

      Leading is different to managing and can sometimes be a difficult transition to make  – using workshops and individual coaching sessions, we assist all levels of the organisation to embark on an Agile way of thinking and being not just doing!

        Agile resources

        Need a part time or substitute Scrum master  or Agile lead whilst yours is away, look no further….Short term or part time Scrum masters  and Agile Leaders available!

          Personal coaching in the business domain

          Empower your aspiring leaders – Help them develop greater resilience to deal with business challenges and become more innovative in their approach to problem-solving and inspiring teams.

            “Do you come from a waterfall background? Have you been thrown into  an Agile  team and are a little taken aback with the lack of documentation? then this session is for you!  Learn to adapt your excellent analytical skills from heavy waterfall documentation to bite size chunks called stories with clear and concise acceptance criteria in a short space of time.”