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Estimation & Planning

After completing this 1 day course you will benefit from great insight and learnings into the world of Estimation & Planning.

There will be engaging course material, collaborative discussions and interactive exercises ,lots of fun! If you are new to Estimation & Planning on any level you cannot afford to miss this course!!

The workshop covers

1. Agile Methodologies


2. The Empirical process


3. Agile Manifesto & Agile principles

4. Agile vs Traditional

5. Agile Project Management Framework

6. Principles of Agile Estimation

7. Measures of size

8. How to Estimate

9. Estimating a Release backlog

10. User Stories & Tech Stories


11. User Personas


12. User Story Mapping


13. Planning: Agile Approach

14. Time Boxing

15. Iteration Planning

16. Resource Planning


17. Defining scope


18. Release plan


19. Agile Mini Project


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  • Level: All

    Estimation techniques, what works best

    Story point estimation

    Sprint planning

    Release planning