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Kanban & Lean

After completing this 1 day course you will benefit from great insight and learnings into the world of Kanban & Lean.

There will be engaging course material, collaborative discussions and interactive exercises, lots of fun! If you are new to Agile and wanting to know about Kanban & Lean, you cannot afford to miss this course!

The workshop covers

1. History of Agile

2. History of Lean


3. Agile Manifesto & Agile principles

4. Lean Techniques

5. Lean Principles

6. 7 Deadly wastes in software

7. Kanban rules

8. Lean Thinking

  • Kaizen
  • Value stream mapping
  • Root cause analysis
  • System thinking

9. Why Pull

13. Pillars of Lean


14. Visualizing workflow


15. Start and end point control


16. Demand analysis

17. Work item types

18. Little’s Law

19. Input queue size


20. Setting WIP’s


21. Managing and measuring flow


22. Governance in Kanban


23. Classes of service


24. Kaizen – collaboration improvement


25. Rhythm & cadence


26. Effects of Kanban


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  • Level: All

    History of Agile & Lean

    Lean Techniques

    7 deadly wastes in software


    Classes of service and how to use them