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Scrum & Agile 101

After completing this 1 day course you will benefit from great insight and learnings into the world of Scrum & Agile. There will be engaging course material, collaborative discussions and interactive exercises, lots of fun!

If you are new to Agile & Scrum on any level from concept to cash you cannot afford to miss this course!!!

The workshop covers

1. Welcome


2. Agile warm up exercise


3. What is Agile?


4. Waterfall vs Agile process framework


5. Agile Manifesto & Agile principles


6. An intro to Agile processes (Scrum, Kanban & SAFe)


7. Introducing Scrum


8. Scrum – The Flow


9. Scrum – Roles & Responsibilities


10. Planning & Estimation


11. Estimation exercises – do you get it?


12. Execution, Inspection & Adaption


13. Definition of Done – multiple levels


14. Burndowns


15. Agile Mini Project


The workshop covers

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  • Level: All

    An Intro to Agile processes

    Deep dive into Scrum

    Roles & Responsibilities

    Planning & Estimation